This season of the Formula 1 is like no other! We saw 6 races till now, at different circuits, different situations, different conditions and most importantly, 6 different drivers made it to the podium. And with the last race’s flying qualifying, where the master, Michael Schumacher, scored the pole position after struggling for so long, will he be able to take the podium in Montreal, Canada?

Michael schumacher

Michael says, “I am very confident on this one, and if you take the comeback time from the start to now, probably this is the closest that We can be of having a good result this weekend.

About being at the 7th podium he says, “Put it this way, I like number seven. The Canadian track certainly is the right direction for the Mercedes F1 car. I mean we have seen in Monaco that we can be strong, and here is similar situation that could be good for us.

Michael Schumacher Mercedes 2010 Wallpaper

I think we have been pretty good actually since after Malaysia and We understood the car very well and we managed to do consistent races since that moment. It is all about understanding the car and getting the maximum out.

The weather is a big factor, and what temperature to expect for the big day – because you work on fine tuning for the car on Saturday and you cannot change anything for the Sunday. So you have to predict what it is going to be. If you look at China, five degrees of track temperature suddenly turned everything around in our favor, whereas before it didn’t look that great. Will we have such a chance this weekend? Is it going to be consistent to do what we predicted to be? That is the question.“- The Veteran said.

We, Team MotorBash, would definitely love to see tomorrow’s race people. What about you?



Ankit Tiwari

Team MotorBash

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