Will the Next-Gen 2014 Honda City Look Like This Rendering? Coming Next Year to India

The Honda City is an exemplary model from the Japanese manufacturer. Sold world over, it accounted for a major chunk of Honda India’s sales before Amaze. It embodied whatever anyone would look to have in a sedan. It looked ‘complete’ and carried the baton despite being a petrol-only model from Honda in a diesel-predominant market. It possessed what exactly would be called “Boy-Next-Door-Looks” in human social circles.

Add to that the rock solid Honda reliability and the near-demigod status of the brand Honda, and you would get to see why it sold almost like hot cakes in India.


The Honda City was handed over an upgrade a few years back. In terms of the design theme, the car’s shape incorporated more radical cuts and creases. There was also the inclusion of a never-seen-before-type engine grille, with the legendary Honda badge sitting atop. The engine grille was complemented by the well-chiseled out headlamps. Though its elder sibling Honda Civic was edgier, bigger and squatted lower as well, the City still managed to grab eyeballs.

As you must be aware that Honda is busy preparing the Next-Gen City which will also get a diesel motor for our market. Honda has officially confirmed the development and the next-gen City will be launched towards the first half of the next year. And as a ritual (well almost), we have, possibly, the first ever renderings coming in.

Hondas and Acura Fans have shared a neat looking sleeker render of the Next-gen City which draws heavily from the recently revealed next-gen Honda Jazz/Fit model. Quite clearly visible is the fact that the supposed Honda City is very similar to the Honda Jazz/Fit till the three-quarter length of the car.

It is from there that the differences arise. Strapped on to the rear of the Jazz/Fit is the boot, or overhang if you say so. But it isn’t a grotesque job at all!! The proportions, shape and stance all seem to fall together in place to create a very attractive car.

However, the photo doesn’t show us the rear portion of the car, leaving lot to the imagination. In the previous edition, the car’s tail-lamps were somewhat-huge blocks that didn’t catch the eye. We wish for something like the octagonal shaped lamps that were adorning the rear of the last-gen Civic. Something like that on the newest Honda Jazz/Fit would do, but would leave a lot to be desired in terms of brand differentiation.

honda city
Current Honda City which is petrol-only

As of now, there is next-to-nothing on the ground about the powerplant options and the pricing schemes. However, for India, we can expect the current 1.6L I-VTEC petrol and the 1.5L I-DTEC diesel motors (in VGT tune) to do duty.

Do you think the Next-Gen City will look like this? An even bigger question is – Will you buy the Next-Gen City over the fluidic Verna and others.

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