One thing that is for sure is the fact that, with the launch of Grand i10, Hyundai has played a masterstroke! Its positioning and the 1.1L diesel mill are two trump cards of its written success.

However, the bestest (read smartest) of products need proper promotion and Hyundai is leaving no stone unturned to ensure a word (or two) about their Grand i10 reaches every nook and corner of the country. Apart from other promo activities, television commercials are one of the most effective ways of communicating your brand and the Korean auto major has done just that.


Hyundai India’s ad agency Innocean Worldwide has prepared an innovative advertisement of Grand i10 which is already being aired on national television. It has been viewed more than 2.72 Lakh times in under a week of its upload at Youtube. If you have missed it, you can watch it right now (after our blabbering ends!)

The advertisement displays animals’ surprising exclamatory remarks as they see a Grand i10 pass by. Towards the end, the ad ends on a ‘Graaaand’ note as exclaimed by a tiger. The advertisement is no doubt fresh and eye-catching; will it catch fancy of the common car buyer?

Hyundai Grand i10 Television Commercial

If you face any issues watching it here, head directly to YouTube




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