Will You Really Feel ‘This’ Big in the Linea Classic as This TVC Projects?

Fiat is trying desperately to carve out some significant pie in the Indian car market. They have really been out of the game and despite being in the market for many years, are the least selling car brand in the country.

With a roadmap which looks interesting, their next shot at the market is the very recently launched Linea Classic which comes at a luring price tag of Rs 5.99 Lakhs. To ensure the value for money prospect reaches the masses, Fiat has launched a television commercial which highlights the traits of the car.

The advertisement focuses on how ‘big’ you will start feeling once you are at the rear seat of the new Linea Classic. It is a well-presented ad and will definitely create an impact. Check it out and share if you will also feel ‘This’ big?


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