With a Tagline “When life gives you more.”, Chevrolet Sail U-VA Launches on Friday

Chevrolet has already released media invites for the launch of the all important SAIL U-VA hatchback and it is scheduled for 2nd November launch in Delhi.

We would be covering the event from the venue with live updates as and when they happen. Meanwhile, Chevy is carrying massive promotion of the new Sail U-VA on its official Facebook Page which is full of new Sail’s features.


Sail U-VA would be available in both petrol and diesel versions. The petrol variant shares the same 1.2L mill from Beat but the mainstay is the 1.3L diesel engine which we better know as Fiat sourced Multijet diesel engine and does duty on Swift, Ritz, Indica Vista, Punto among others.

In actuality, this engine is jointly developed by Fiat and GM and ironically, SAIL would be the first car in GMs Indian stables that would carry this 1.3L mill  (Beat’s is a 1 cylinder chopped 1.0L variant of the same engine) often referred to as the national engine of India.

The point to note here is that the torque output in SAIL is the highest at 205Nm which even includes the 200Nm of VGT 90 hp SX4, Manza etc. Power output at 78PS is also higher than the regular tune of 75PS in Swift, Ritz, Vista etc. Chevrolet is stressing on the practicality aspect of the car which reflects from Sail’s tagline “When life gives you more” and we know space is one big plus for Sail.

The only big thing that Chevrolet has to take strict care of is the pricing of Sail. If priced well, Sail has all the attributes of making it a massive hit, but on the contrary, a higher price and it might not prove to be a real game changer for Chevrolet, which it is expected to.

List of all cars in India which run on this 1.3L Multijet Diesel Engine 

What according to you should be the ideal starting price of Sail U-VA diesel. Share your view in the following poll.

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