Year End Discounts: Get Upto Rs 65,000 Off on Maruti Suzuki Cars

Maruti Cars are offered on discounts almost all round the year but it is the year end offers that are actually worth an extra consideration. In our series of articles about the Discount offers, this is our fourth offering and the details about more companies shall come in soon and we will keep you updated. If you plan on buying a Maruti Suzuki car, you better check these offers out first.

Alto K-10:

Alto 800 is available off the shelf without a discount since its a new product. But if you did not like the way it looked, you can always go in for the peppy K10 version of the Alto, which maintains its classic design.


Discounts on offer are:

  • Cash Discount of Rs.14,000
  • Exchange Bonus of Rs.15,000
  • Music System worth Rs.8,000



India’s most trusted VAN, Omni comes in three variants – Cargo, 5-seater and 8-seater. Omni is one of the largest sellers for Maruti and a top ten monthly seller almost always.


It is also used for commercial purposes now and if you are looking to buy it, it is on offer with

  • Cash Discount of Rs.5,000


SX 4

The Men among car is not doing a Manly job for the company. It is quite a good product but lost out with the more modern competition.


It is on offer with:

  • Cash Discount of Rs.35,000 (Petrol Only)
  • Exchange Bonus of Rs.30,000 (Both diesel + petrol)



The car which offers acres of interior space has been on the top of the sales charts for many months now. It is generally one of the top three petrol-only cars per month.

MotorBash WagonR
Click to Open a Comprehensive review of WagonR

If this Blue Eyed Boy is what you are looking at, Maruti is offering it with the following offers:

  • Cash Discount of Rs.22,000
  • Music System worth Rs.8,000
  • Exchange Bonus of Rs.20,000



The car fell prey to its sibling, Wagon-R and despite having a segment-only Automatic gearbox, it never really managed to take off. But yet, it is quite A capable car and is being offered with discounts to sweeten the deal. Recently, to spruce up its appeal, Maruti has also launched a limited edition variant called as Aktiv.

A-Star Aktiv Edition

It is being offered with

  • Cash Discount of Rs. 34,000
  • Exchange Bonus of Rs.20,000



The tall-boy version of Swift, Ritz has been selling quite well and generally features in the list of top 10 selling cars monthly. Essentially a similar product as Swift, Ritz is available at a lower price and a much lesser waiting period.


To clear this year’s stocks of the car, Maruti is offering Ritz with:

  • Cash Discount of Rs 20,000
  • Exchange Bonus of Rs.20,000 

The good thing is that at some cities like Pune, even the diesel has similar Rs 35,000-40,000 discounts.



The car shares its name with the highly regarded Zen but truly speaking Maruti messed it up real bad when they changed the shape and tried to make it something new. Nevertheless, it was a love-hate design but yes, it was quite a decent car. It is just one of the cars in their portfolio that can be bought for

  • Cash Discount of Rs.33,000
  • Exchange Bonus of Rs.20,000



Eeco was called as the Family carrier with a seating capacity of five or seven. The big gripe with it is that it is offered only with a petrol engine. It is a good package considering the price it is put at. It has found good sales with taxi operators and continues to sell well in smaller cities.


Eeco is on offer with

  • Corporate Discount of Rs.3,000


Swift and Swift Dzire

These two are already sales toppers and Maruti does not need to offer any discounts to boost their already high sales. We hear that sales representatives at some dealerships are not offered incentives for selling Swift or Swift Dzire. What Maruti needs to do is enhance their production to bring down the waiting periods.

Dealers are looking to clear their stocks, achieve their sales targets and would not mind throwing in a few accessories for you to sweeten the deal. Maruti is going to hike its car prices from 1st Jan so if you are looking for a Maruti Suzuki product, now is the time.


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