Classic, which was once known as the Fiesta and then Fiesta Classic, has gone through a big transition in terms of a product as a whole and its placement. It will be axed from the market as soon as the Figo Aspire will be launched. Currently it is offered with the 101PS/146Nm 1.6 liter Duratec petrol engine along with the 68PS/160Nm 1.4 liter underpowered diesel motor.

The 1.6 liter Fiesta engine is a driver’s delight, even today, after it has gone through some detuning! The current (new) Fiesta which carries a 1.5 liter petrol motor is no match for the fun the original 1.6 offers! Even the upcoming Aspire will come equipped with a 1.2 liter TiVCT engine from the current Figo, which, in its current tune, is the weakest of petrol engines in this segment!

The Classic right now has a starting price tag of a very compelling Rs 5.06 lakhs and goes on to Rs 7.68 lakhs. Yes, it does look dated and the overall quality is at least 5 years behind but we will still pick it up if we have to chose a driver’s car in Ford’s portfolio! Only the petrol, mind you, diesel is a dud!


In terms of sales, its not a big mover! Ford managed to sell just 5,849 units of the Classic (and the Fiesta) in the complete financial year 2014-15. That’s even less than the number of Amaze Honda sells every month!


But guys, if you love the Classic, the original Fiesta, the original Josh machine, here’s your last chance to buy one, before Ford stops production completely!




  1. Hey I want to by a new ford classic m driving this car from last two years this car is my love nd I luv her but I want to replace it with a new one so it can be possible now or its too late plzzz reply if somebody can help me out

    • Fiesta Classic’s production has been stopped..
      Ford is no more shipping it but if there may be a few units left in some dealerships. You may inquire….


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