Zest vs Dzire vs Xcent vs Amaze: Specs Comparo

Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Hyundai Xcent and Honda Amaze are the largest selling compact sedans in the country right now. Tata definitely sees this trio as its prime competitor. While the Zest may be one of the best cars Tata has produced till now but does it have the firepower to be in the league of the best? Let’s find out which car is better on the specs front.


Zest vs Dzire vs Xcent vs Amaze Spec Comparo: PETROL

Specification Tata Zest Petrol Maruti Suzuki Dzire Petrol Hyundai Xcent Petrol Honda Amaze Petrol
Engine 1.2L Revotron 1.2L K-series VVT 1.2L Kappa Dual VTVT 1.2L i-VTEC
Max. Power 90PS @5000rpm 87PS @6200rpm 83PS @6000rpm 88PS @6000rpm
Peak Torque 140Nm @1750-3500rpm 114Nm @4000rpm 114Nm @4000rpm 109Nm @4500rpm
Air charging system Turbocharged Naturally aspirated Naturally aspirated Naturally aspirated
Transmission 5 speed manual 5 speed manual/4 speed automatic 5 speed manual/4 speed automatic 5 speed manual/4 speed automatic
Dimension (in mm) 3995×1706×1570 3995×1695×1555 3995×1660×1520 3990×1680×1505
Wheelbase 2470mm 2430mm 2425mm 2405mm
Ground Clearance 175mm 170mm 165mm 165mm
Fuel Tank 44L 42L 43L 35L
Turning Radius 5.1m 4.8m 4.7m 4.5-4.7m
Boot Space 390L 316L 407L 400L
Tires 185/60 R15 (alloy) 165/80 R14 (steel), 185/65 R15 (alloys) 165/65 R14 (steel), 175/65 R15 (alloys) 175/65 R14 (steel/alloys)
Fuel Efficiency 17.6kmpl 19.1kmpl/17.4kmpl 19.1kmpl 18kmpl/15.5kmpl
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 4.64 lakhs to Rs 5.99 lakhs Rs 4.85 lakhs to Rs Rs6.34 lakhs Rs 4.66 lakhs to Rs 7.19 lakhs Rs 4.99 lakhs to Rs 7.55 lakhs

Well, yes all of these cars measure the same in terms of length but the Tata Zest is slightly larger and higher than all other cars. The good thing is that it has got a longer wheelbase. All this means that Zest features better cabin space as compared to the other three as well as a larger head room.

Yes the 1.2L Revotron is the least fuel efficient of all the cars but it is the only turbocharged motor here and it has the maximum amount of torque which is available at much lower revs as compared to the competition. Though the difference in power is not much, it comes at a lower rev value, which means more power in the low range. Let’s not forget that Zest is the first car in the segment to feature drive modes (Sport, Eco and City).


The whole point of compact sedans was that people want more boot pace as compared to their hatchbacks, without having to pay more like a regular mid-size sedan. Surprisingly, the country’s largest selling compact sedan, the Dzire has the least amount of boot space in this comparison. Though Zest has a smaller boot as compared to its Japanese and South Korean rivals, it is just a few liters lesser!

The turning radius is a problem though, it appears.! At a high 5.1 meters of radius, Zest almost encroaches regular size C-segment sedans like City (5.3 meters).

Let’s now have a look at how Zest diesel compares with the competition…

Zest vs Amaze vs Dzire vs Xcent: DIESEL

Specification Zest 90PS Diesel Zest 75PS Diesel Dzire Diesel Xcent Diesel Amaze Diesel
Engine 1.3L Quadrajet 1.3L Quadrajet 1.3L DDiS 1.1L U2 CRDi 1.5L i-DTEC
Max. Power 90PS @4000rpm 75PS @4000rpm 75PS @4000rpm 72PS @4000rpm 100PS @3600rpm
Peak Torque 200Nm @1750-3000rpm 190Nm @1750-3000rpm 190Nm @2000rpm 180.4Nm @1750-2500rpm 200Nm @1750rpm
Transmission 5 speed manual/ 5 speed AMT 5 speed manual 5 speed manual 5 speed manual 5 speed manual
Dimension (in mm) 3995×1706×1570 3995×1706×1570 3995×1695×1555 3995×16601520 3990×1680×1505
Wheelbase 2470mm 2470mm 2430mm 2425mm 2405mm
Ground Clearance 165mm 165mm 170mm 165mm 165mm
Fuel Tank 44L 44L 42L 43L 35L
Turning Radius 5.1m 5.1m 4.8m 4.7m 4.7m
Boot Space 390L 390L 316L 407L 400L
Tires 185/60 R15 (alloy) 185/60 R15 (alloy) 165/80 R14 (steel), 185/65 R15 (alloys) 165/65 R14 (steel), 175/65 R15 (alloys) 175/65 R14 (steel/alloys)
Fuel Efficiency 23kmpl (MT)  NA 23.4kmpl 24.4kmpl 25.8kmpl
Prices (in ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 6.27 lakhs to Rs 6.99 lakhs Rs 5.64 lakhs Rs 5.78 lakhs to Rs 7.32 lakhs Rs 5.56 lakhs to Rs 7.32 lakhs Rs 5.97 lakhs to Rs 7.49 lakhs

Tata is offering the Zest diesel with the same tried and tested 1.3L Multijet diesel in two tunes – 90PS and 75PS. The 90PS Zest is second only to Amaze in terms of power and Xcent is the least powerful car here. In terms of torque, Zest and Amaze are at the top followed by all others.


In terms of fuel efficiency however, Zest is placed at the bottom, however just! The biggest USP of Zest is its automatic (AMT) option which makes its the cheapest diesel automatic sedan in the country. Just like the petrol, the car continues to sport alloys whereas the rest of the lot gets alloys only in the top trims.

You can check Variantwise price comparo here.

So, this is how the story is. Zest appears to be a fantastic competition to anything and everything around it with some very potent engines and a lot of features. So, which one of these cars will you buy? Do tell us in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Zest vs Dzire vs Xcent vs Amaze: Specs Comparo”

  1. Tata has a new vision……. having RangRover in his hands…A lot more enthusiasm is needed by these.ZEST खरीदा जा सकता है ।

  2. Specs wise, Zest may seem just like another compact sedan, But, where it gains a huge edge is on the features front. Zest offers automatic climate control, Voice command provision, 3 drive modes, and a touch screen music system, which, apparently, only Jaguar uses in India, not to mention the premium looking interiors, which looks as good as the one you see on a City. Tata has once again succeeded in bringing premium features at a lower price than all other brands. Zest might just be the thing that gets Tata back in the game after multiple failures with different versions of the Indica Vista, and Indigo Manza, and not to mention the Nano. If the diesel automatic version gives anything close to 18-19 litres mileage, then it might dethrone even the Dzire.


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