ZEST vs Manza vs Indigo eCS: Spec & Price COMPARO

Tata’s most important salvo at the Indian car market is their compact sedan Zest which has been very recently launched in the market. But what is it that has changed that gives Tata a hope that the Zest will fill the chinks in their armour?

We have talked about its comparisons with rivals – Dzire, Amaze and Xcent here and today let us have a look at a quick comparison between its siblings – Manza and Indigo eCS!


Zest vs Manza vs Indigo eCS: Diesel

Specification Zest Quadrajet 90PS Zest Quadrajet 75PS Manza Q-jet 90 Indigo eCS CR4 Indigo eCS TDi
Engine 1.3L Quadrajet 1.3L Quadrajet 1.3L Quadrajet 1.4L CR4 diesel 1.4L TDi
Max. Power 90PS @4000rpm 75PS @4000rpm 90PS @4000rpm 70PS @4000rpm 70PS @4500rpm
Peak Torque 200Nm @1750-3000rpm 190Nm @1750-3000rpm 200Nm @1750-3000rpm 140Nm @1800-3000rpm 135Nm @2500rpm
Transmission 5 speed manual/ 5speed AMT 5 speed manual 5 speed manual 5 speed manual 5 speed manual
Dimension (in mm) 3995×1706×1570 3995×1706×1570 4413×1703×1550 3988×1620×1540 3988×1620×1540
Wheelbase 2470mm 2470mm 2520mm 2450mm 2450mm
Ground Clearance 165mm 165mm 165mm 165mm 165mm
Fuel Tank 44L 44L 44L 42L 42L
Turning Radius 5.1m 5.1m 5.1m 5.0m 5.0m
Boot Space 390L 390L 460L 380L 380L
Tires 185/60 R15 (alloy) 185/60 R15 (alloy) 185/60 R15 (steel/alloy) 175/65 R14 (steel/alloy) 175/65 R14 (steel/alloy)
Prices (in ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 6.27 lakhs to Rs 6.99 lakhs Rs 5.64 lakhs Rs 5.91 lakhs to Rs 8.22 lakhs Rs 5.38 lakhs to Rs 5.89 lakhs Rs 4.99 lakhs to Rs 5.34 lakhs

Both the Zest & Manza share the Fiat sourced 1.3L Multijet diesel engine and produces same power and at same rpms. The Indigo eCS, on the other hand, uses Tata’s own set of engines.

In addition to the regular 5-Speed manual transmission, Zest also comes with a 5-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) on the diesel mill which makes it the cheapest automatic sedan in the country.

Tata-Zest-Launch-Pic-Blue (1)

In terms of size, Zest is longer than Indigo but smaller than Manza.  However, it is as wide and slightly taller than the bigger sibling. Owing to a smaller size, Zest has a smaller wheelbase but same sized fuel tank and turning radius!

Zest also comes with 15 inch tyres with alloys as standard. Prices range within the 6-7 lakh price bracket and you can have the top of the line Zest at an ex-showroom Delhi price of Rs 6.99 Lakhs, much lesser than Rs 8.22 Lakhs of the Manza.

Zest vs Manza vs Indigo eCS: PETROL

Let’s have a look at the petrol scenario then…

Specification Tata Zest (P) Manza Saf 90 Indigo eCS
Engine 1.2L Revotron 1.4L Safire 1.2L MPFi
Max. Power 90PS @5000rpm 90PS @6000rpm 65PS @5000rpm
Peak Torque 140Nm @1750-3500rpm 116Nm @4750rpm 100Nm @2700rpm
Air charging system Turbocharged Naturally aspirated Naturally aspirated
Transmission 5 speed manual 5 speed manual 5 speed manual
Dimension (in mm) 3995×1706×1570 4413×1703×1550 3988×1620×1540
Wheelbase 2470mm 2520mm 2450mm
Ground Clearance 175mm 165mm 165mm
Fuel Tank 44L 44L 42L
Turning Radius 5.1m 5.1m 5.0m
Boot Space 390L 460L 380L
Tires 185/60 R15 (alloy) 185/60 R15 (steel/alloy) 175/65 R14 (steel/alloy)
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 4.64 lakhs to Rs 5.99 lakhs Rs 5.91 lakhs to Rs 7.28 lakhs Rs 4.92 lakhs to Rs 5.20 lakhs

Zest has a clear edge here. Manza sourced its petrol engine from Fiat, however, the company’s own 1.2L Revotron motor has an equivalent power output (at lesser rpms) but more importantly higher peak torque (also coming at lesser rpms). Indigo is a no match here!


The 1.2L motor is all-new and the only turbocharged petrol engine in the segment. And at starting prices of Rs 4.64 Lakhs, topping at Rs 5.99 Lakhs, it is terrific value for money as well.

Clearly, Zest appears to be a whole generation better car than the old Manza and decades old Indigo and at luring prices.

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