A lot of you might feel that Ambassador is out and not on sale during the times when we talk of the latest technology and all the gizmos and gadgets. If you are one of them, you are mighty wrong!

Ambassador has always been on sale and in fact, it has been selling better than some pretty well known ‘modern’ cars in the market! Just that, for now, it is sold only in BS3 cities. And now, Hindustan Motors is in a rejig mood and according to Business Standard, has received the BS4 certification for its new engine from ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India).


This means that the company can now sell its Ambassador in the 13 major cities of India which are BS4 compliant only. HM has recently declared that they will be launching a new Ambassador for the Indian market next year which will be fresher, newer and technically modern. And at the same time SRK Designs of Indianautosblog.com has shared this imaginative rendering of the upcoming new HM Ambassador.

Let us iterate that this is more of an imagination and a hope but if (let us say if) Hindustan Motors can pull a design somewhere close to this, will it not be our Indian Beetle? If anyone from the company is reading this, we say please!

Far from this hope cry, Hindustan Motors is also preparing a compact sedan version of Ambassador. Interestingly, test mules have also been caught which just appear to be simple chop-jobs and make the car look disproportionate BIG TIME.

Pic Source: Autocarindia.com

Fortunately though, these were caught a few years back and since the car has not made it to production, we pray HM does a less shoddy work or completely axe this project!


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  • Prasadh

    This just looks awesome like a crossover.. like BMX X6!!!

  • sunil

    i want to know price of that car and new features and technology. and its interior also.

  • sunil

    that is nice look i want to know price of this car and interior with feature and technology.

  • pauly rappai

    I like ambassador very much but your altration design is very poor.I am looking for new company desigin to purchase one

  • Alcon

    The First picture of prototype Amby is kool, but resembles the new Mini Cooper countrymen. The second picture feels like, if it goes on productions HM needs to go to a mental asylum.

  • dulappa magari

    the first car picture super model interiorer superer lather seat in 4+1 seat car how much price the car

  • anmol

    i would like to knw the prices of new ambassader of hm… nd want to knw the showroom for ambassder in punjab,india…

  • roopesh kumar

    What is the price of new ambassador car 2014 model

  • Mohammed Asif

    I am a long time fan of Ambassador car. But due to its old shape design i always change my mind of buying it.
    Recently i saw the SRK design on the net. I really liked it very much.
    I would like to know is this model available for every one to book or it is specifically made for SRK?
    Also how much is the on road price.

    • Saad

      It’s just an artist’s rendering, not on sale..!
      AND it doesn’t have anything to do with the SRK you mean 🙂

  • Karthick

    Wow….I want pics of interiors and tecnology details please update,,i wanna buy one.