Volvo Launches XC90 T8 Hybrid Excellence for Rs 1.25 cr; India’s 1st Plug-in hybrid SUV

Volvo India has today launched the XC90 T8 Excellence, the country’s first plug-in hybrid. Priced at Rs 1.25 crores (ex-showroom, Delhi), the premium SUV focuses on safety, comfort and style. In fact, I wouldn’t be far off if I say that this is the world’s safest car! Built on Volvo’s Scalable Product Architecture, it is … Read more

Volvo Ties-Up with Uber for Developing Autonomous Vehicles

The Swedish car maker Volvo has been known to be extremely committed towards developing autonomous vehicles. With their strong track record in safety, they are possibly one of the few manufacturers who can help self-driven cars be a safe house instead of a machine on a killing spree! In their search for glory, they have … Read more

Vehicle Registrations Hit 1.96 crores in 2015; Is Public Transport the Solution?

Ever wondered how many vehicles were registered last year? 1.96 crores! Yes, that my friend is a huge number. Want to guess where the number stood in the early 90s? Less than 10 lakhs a year. The rising income capacity of urban middle class and the chain reaction of ever increasing options has been a … Read more

Automatic Transmissions to Constitute 15% of New Car Sales in 2020

In a price-conscious Indian market, manual transmissions have been ruling the roost. Yes, in comparison to the previous decade, the market share of automatic transmissions have increased. Things though are still in a very nascent stage. However, folks at ICRA approximately 15 percent of new car sales will have automatic gearbox by 2020. While 90 … Read more

Supreme Court Lifts Diesel Ban; 1% Environment Cess Announced

The Supreme Court today has finally revoked the ban it had placed on registration of diesel vehicles with an engine displacement greater than 2,000 cc in NCR. Ever since the ban was placed in December 2015, manufacturers like Tata and Mercedes have been facing a tough time because of lack of slightly smaller engines. Mahindra, … Read more