With our exclusive revelation of Nissan discontinuing the base Micra Active XE yesterday, all eyes are focussed on the upcoming sensation from Nissan under their Datsun umbrella – GO.

In their product description, Datsun officially shared with us a lot of details which we will be posting here shortly. Here are the important details which matter to you the most.

Datsun-Go (1)

Datsun GO Colour Options:

Datsun Go will be offered in a choice of 4 colour options:

  • Blue
  • White
  • Silver
  • Red

The blue colour is the signature colour for Go and it looks good on the roads too. Another darker colour on offer is the dark maroon-red combo which is also pretty nice to look at. And then there are the regular and versatile white and silver colour options.


Datsun GO Interior Trims:

Datsun Go also comes with an option of two interior trims:

  • Plain fabric
  • Jacquard Fabric

Obviously the top of the line Go gets the ‘premium’ Jacquard fabric seats (which is what we drove) and the base variants gets Plain fabric upholstery.

Datsun GO Variants:

As we have already shared earlier, Datsun officials present at the media drive confirmed that there will be three variants Go will be offered in. Interestingly, there will be NO badging of the trims anywhere on the car. However, we do not have any clue on the name of the variants till now.

Datsun GO Price:

According to our estimations and hints we got from the officials, Go may get a striking price tag of Rs 2.99 Lakhs for the entry level variant, somewhere around 3.4 Lakhs for the mid-trim and Rs 3.7 Lakhs for the top variant. You can read more here.

Its not long before Datsun will officially launch the car in the market. On 5th (when we took test drive of our car), they said they will launch the car within 2 weeks which means we are looking at a date of somewhere around 18th March or thereabouts.




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