Fiat, despite some real good products and possibly the most avid fans, can best be called as ‘uninterested’ in our market! They have made tons of promises and not many of them have been fulfilled yet! Their last major launch was the Avventura back in October last year and since then, there has been no real update. In a casual search at Zauba, however, we see that two new products have been imported into India – Fiat Panda and Fiat 500L.

Both the cars are completely different from each other. Panda is the entry level basic model whereas the 500L is more premium. Both the cars carry the same 1.3 litre multijet diesel engine which is one of the most used diesel engine in the world and as per Zauba, they have been brought here for some research and development purposes.

Fiat Panda
The 500 L is a much more chic looking car while the Panda oozes of practicality. The interesting bit here is that the Panda imported in India is the 4 wheel drive unit! So, is Fiat considering more cross-hatchbacks after the relatively successful Avventura?

Fiat 500LThere have been speculative reports about both the Panda and 500 models coming to India in the past as well. We are not sure but there may be something which we could cherish with this import info.

Fiat Panda side

Fiat desperately needs new products in the lineup to garner any sizeable sales. Currently, they stand as one of the lowest selling car manufacturers in India and we will specially like the Panda (in 4×4 guise) to sit under the Punto…





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