Audi Women's Power Drive - Actress Gul Panag

In many innovative ways, Audi is making its way across the younger crowd and now they have also included the fairer sex as their target audiences.

Audi kickstarted ‘Audi Q Life’ campaign in New Delhi to promote the ‘Q’ SUV brand amongst women by an exclusive drive event. Auto enthusiast and film actress Gul Panag was present at the occasion.

Audi Women's Power Drive - Actress Gul Panag

Through this ‘Audi Q-Drive’ program, the German manufacturer plans to provide women a chance to experince the luxurious Audi Q Series SUVs.

On this occasion, Michael Perschke, Head Audi India said, “The notion that SUVs are being chosen by men only, is passé. Undeniably, these sporty vehicles have fast gained a preference among today’s women. A good number of our luxury SUVs are being driven by women in India. Audi has always been at the forefront of bringing out new technologies and offering its customers a luxurious and sporty driving experience. Customer delight is one of the pillars on which we plan to build our future and events like these are designed to give our customers a truly once in a lifetime experience”

Audi Women's Power Drive

Gul Panag, who herself is an owner of an Audi Q5 said, I am very devoted to the cause of promoting driving for women. I am certain that Audi’s special focus on catering to this segment will inspire many more women to take to the wheels. The Audi’s Q range – Audi Q7, Audi Q5 and the Audi Q3 are SUVs with different dimensions but all are equally apt for women. I am especially proud and excited to be associated with the ‘Audi Q-Drive’, as it will give women like me an exclusive opportunity to experience the power of the Qs and see how suitable it is for them as well”

The next leg of the event would be held in Mumbai on 26th October.


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