Things To Consider Before Buying Honda Car Insurance

The Honda Motor Company was founded in the 1946 by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa and has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Honda is the world’s eighth largest manufacturer of automobiles and also happens to be the first car manufacturer to also establish a luxury brand i.e. the Acura.

In India, the Honda Motor Company in collaboration with the Usha International formed Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. And in 2012, Honda Motor Company bought Usha’s stake of 3.16% at INR 1.8 billion. Subsequently, Honda Cars India Limited became a full subsidiary of Honda. From its inception in the Indian market, Honda has won several awards both as a car manufacturer and as an efficient business enterprise, making it not only the most successful business enterprises in India but also one of the most trusted and popular car manufacturer.

Things to keep in Mind while getting Honda Insurance

In any case, if you are a proud owner of a Honda car, you are not exempt from insurance. It is absolutely mandatory for you to carry a Honda insurance policy with yourself at all times for the simple reason that you cannot predict accidents or other unforeseen and unpleasant circumstances.

While there are a variety of third-party insurance policies available in the market, it is also advisable to get a comprehensive insurance plan for your Honda car. Below, we will look at some of the things that you will need to consider before you buy car insurance for your Honda.

  1. Know your third-party Insurance: A third-party insurance policy is enough as far as legality is concerned and it will also provide you with the basic covers that you will need from any insurance policy. However, by definition, a third-party is someone who is neither the insurer nor the insured. Moreover, you will not be able to claim any damage that you or your vehicle have suffered.
  2. The Importance of Comprehensive Plan: For an all-rounded protection, you should invest in a comprehensive policy like the ones offered by the various banks in India. A comprehensive plan also protects one against thefts, fire and various other eventualities.
  3. Additional Covers: While a general comprehensive plan should be good for you, you should also consider getting add-on insurance covers that will give you customized protection depending on your specific needs and habits. This also includes the personal accident cover which is very important.
  4. Voluntary Deductibles: Voluntary deductibles are often an overlooked component of getting a car insurance. It’s not only a good way of reducing the premium on your car insurance but also a good way of sharing your repair costs.
  5. A Dealer Insurance: Often, your car dealer will offer you insurance. While this is convenient, tempting and cheap, you should always give it a second thought.


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