Showcasing its solid R&D credentials, Mahindra had on display at the Delhi Auto Expo a 2-seater, electric sports car concept. The car goes by the name HALO, and was one of the eye-catching products at the Mahindra stall.


HALO is India’s first electric sports car concept, says Mahindra. It has a halo, rather aura, around itself. With its chiselled looks and sharp build, the HALO definitely creates the impression as if it is ready to bolt out at the slightest urge. And that is true!! The HALO comes with a Boost Mode that is expected to propel the car to 100 kmph from standstill in less than 8 seconds. The HALO will have a top speed of 160 kmph.

Mahindra-Halo-Electric-Sportscar (10)

Being an electric vehicle, the much important parameter of range obviously comes into play. Mahindra says that the HALO will do about 200 kilometres on a single charge, on being driven in standard conditions. The HALO is also equipped with other features like :

  1. Advanced Safety Features
  2. Dual touchscreen infotainment systems
  3. High-end Connectivity

HALO proudly brandishes its “Made in India” tag, and is a testimonial to the growing capabilities of Mahindra and its sister concern called REVA. The HALO was built at the REVA studio in Bangalore, and is a precursor to the numerous electric vehicles that will roll out from there in the future. Mahindra believes that electric vehicles are the key to a pollution-free future, and is thus heavily investing in its R&D.

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