Mahindra Officially Launches Upgraded Thar, Also Showcases Thar Expedition

Its summers and its scorching hot in major parts of India with temperatures hovering over 40 degree Celsius. How would it feel to be out off-roading in a closed (soft-top) SUV with no AC under the merciless sun? This could be best answered by the existing Thar owners!

Mahindra Thar with AC

Nonetheless, in a very reactive move from Mahindra and as we have already reported on 3rd April, Mahindra has officially launched the upgraded SUV at 6.75 Lakh Ex-Showroom Mumbai.

  • The new Thar would come with an AC and heater factory fitted
  • Tunings to interiors as well taking out rough edges for better finishing
  • No carpet to save you of foul smell from wet off-roading drills
  • Engine Immobilizer
  • Lockable fuel-filler cap
  • Price increased by about 45,000 over the non-AC version.

The soft-top would make the AC a little ineffectve but still the 150cc compressor is expected to keep the front compartment at reasonably comfortable temperatures and the heater is definitely a savior in extremely cold climates.


Mahindra Thar Expedition:

Mahindra also displayed a customized Thar, named as Thar Expedition. The custom Thar Expedition is priced at 9.75 Lakh ex-showroom Mumbai

It comes loaded to take on any terrain you put it on like

  • Custom-built front bulbar with an integrated electric winch,
  • Rock sliders
  • Snorkel
  • Expedition carrier
  • Roll Cage and others for terrific off-roading capabilities


Thar’s Official Page:

Mahindra has a nice innovative way to its Thar’s website. As soon as you enter you are greeted by a mist-filled glass with dripping water. And there lay the Thar’s AC knob asking you to turn the knob on to clear the screen. As you change through various levels, things get demystified and you go to the homepage of Thar. Check out a screenshot of the same above.




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