Slowly and gradually, through spy shots, we have begun to almost understand majority of details of Maruti’s upcoming and a very important launch – Alto 800.


In a startling revelation a few days back, we got to know that Maruti would/should be providing optional airbags on the Alto 800, a first in the segment! Also, we learnt that there would definitely be a CNG variant on offer.

Now Carblog has posted interior shots of the car which reveal whatever remaining was left.  And what we see is nothing short of an applause job for Maruti, at least in the pics!


The dashboard has gone from boring to pretty much ‘exciting’ which are complemented by round AC knobs on either sides and cute-shaped central AC vents.  There are a few silver accented touch-up jobs on the steering and a few other places.


The single-DIN audio system here is interesting. Power steering switches move towards the gear lever and we expect there would only be two for the front passengers. The interiors upholstery is tried to be spruced up, doesn’t look good in the pics though! Many more finer details can be seen through the pics attached here.


Maruti Alto 800 Price:

Obviously, what we see here is one of the higher variants and the lower ones would come in lesser ‘premiumness’ . Our estimates point to a slightly high-ish starting price tag of somewhere around the 2.4-2.5 Lakh (ex-showroom) mark unless Maruti offers an immensely bare-bone version.

If our guesstimates go true, it would be very interesting to see if Maruti would continue offering the existing Alto in the base trims to ensure a lower entry price tag.


Maruti Alto 800 Launch:

Reports of an October first half launch are pouring in from a few sources and considering these pics (which appear to be taken at some dealership stockyard), dispatches have been made and an official announcement remains to be made.

Maruti is also doling out a discount of upto Rs 51,000 on the current Alto.


Pics Credit: CarBlogIndia




  1. There are rumours of 26 Sept launch. Could you please create a poll on this model? Asking How many cars(part of body style) actually resembles with new alto? It should be fun!


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