Ciaz 1.6 DDIS is the new rumour that has erupted in the online space. I also find it sensible. Let us talk about it…

Maruti Suzuki registered phenomenal sales of 1.35 Lakh units last month as compared to 1.20 Lakhs in the corresponding month last year. Now, factor in the Demonetisation drive and competitors like Hyundai which suffered degrowth, you will understand why this is ‘worth praising’!

Maruti is becoming invincible at the pace at which they are growing despite the massive base, however, there are certain gaps which can be plugged. Despite not being the manufacturer, they were the first to offer India the 1.6 Liter Multijet diesel engine on the S-Cross. However, S-Cross 1.6 DDIS has not been a sales success by any standards. So what can you do next – plonk the motor on a successful car? Ciaz?

This is the rumour that has surfaced at Team-BHP since the last couple of days and we list all the reasons why it makes sense to us

  1. Ciaz, for a car of its size and placement, is underpowered and the 1.6 DDIS could be the solution.
  2. The bigger point to note is that Maruti does have the room to place bigger variants of Ciaz in the lineup. If you are unaware, Ciaz 1.3 DDIS’ top diesel model and Honda City’s entry diesel variant almost costs the same (on the ex-showroom Delhi prices). So, a few models up there in the range will only give it a one up lead…as it appears now!
  3. Why this seems a possibility to me is because Maruti Suzuki has put their indigenous 1.5 liter diesel engine on the backburner and it is not coming anytime soon. So, till that time Ciaz 1.6 DDIS can play the game!
  4. Ciaz is a popular car and has beaten City four out of six times in the last six months sales and hence offering a more powerful (and desired) engine will have its share of benefits with a very big chance of more customers getting lured, possibly even from a segment higher (specially when one of the fastest selling D-segmenter is an 88PS sedan)!
  5. Ciaz Facelift is also speculated to be coming in the first half of next year. This can be a chance for Maruti to up Ciaz’ appeal even to those who currently do not consider buying it (mainly because of its low power).
Ciaz RS with the 1.6 DDIS engine will make a lot more sense than what it does with the current underpowered 1.3 DDIS

Just to give you a sense of the added horses the new 1.6 DDIS can bring to Ciaz, on the S-Cross this four cylinder engine churns out 120 PS of peak power and 320 Nm of maximum torque. In sheer numbers, this is 30 PS and massive 120 Nm more than Ciaz with the 1.3 Liter DDIS.

Maruti will have to weigh the investment it would require for the necessary changes versus the volumes the bigger engine can generate.┬áSo, let us see if this rumour has some kind of an end and if the Ciaz 1.6 DDIS does get launched in India…



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