Mercedes C-Class to Get a New 1.6L Engine in Europe

Mercedes would power the C-Class with a new 1.6Liter engine in Europe. The new C-Class with the smaller engine would be launched in most of the European countries.

The new engine would be mated to 6-speed manual transmission or 7-speed dual-clutch unit and the car would continue to be rear-wheel drive.

Mercedes C-Class

This 1.6L engine is codenamed as M274 internally and is expected to come in two different tunes. In its higher powered tune, the engine would belt out 156HP of power with 184 feet-pounds (~250Nm) and in its lower tune the engine would produce 122HP of power and 147 feet-pounds (~200Nm) of torque.

Though the company has denied that the engine would be used anywhere else but doesn’t it make sense for Mercedes to launch it here in India and make the C-Class more attractive to buy?

Currently, in India the C-Class is powered by a 1.8 petrol engine and a 2.2L diesel engine apart from the AMG variant which is a 6.2L unit.


Source: LeftLane News

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