New Hyundai Sonata

Just as we reported about Hyundai’s quiet launch of Sonata in India yesterday, Hyundai’s CEO Kim Choong-ho revealed his company’s future product folio. According to him, there would be a new Sonata in 2014. The version which is launched in India has been in existence in the foreign market for quite some time now. It was launched in September 2009 in South Korea and early 2010 in United States.


Hence this would mean a gap of 4 years before Sonata gets a new look. However, for us, Indians things are a little different. Hyundai has just now launched the Sonata in India and we feel that the pattern of delayed launch would continue even when the Sonata gets its 2014 version out. It is highly unlikely that Hyundai gets the latest Sonata to survive only for 2 years in India.

The new Genesis which is not sold in India would also go through a makeover late next year.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash








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