Update: Maruti has launched the facelifted Ritz in India with 52 New changes.

Gaadi.com has caught a facelifted ‘smiling’ Ritz testing on the Delhi-Gurgaon road. The car is not much under wraps and if not looked with a inquisitive eye you might passby considering it as a normal Ritz. Moreover, the changes at the outer do not suggest much of a makeover either.

1- Scooped Ritz features slightly altered headlamps. They appear to be slightly sweptback to me.

2- Fog lamps look similar to new Maruti Swift

3- The bigger cosmetic change however looks like the front grille which according to my personal taste looks a bit too wide open. From the bottom it is more rounded as compared to a flatter one on the existing Ritz. The grille is also changed and the most classic example I could relate to is that the new Ritz have my first standard Maths copy like squares and the existing one, my Hindi copy (running lines).

4- The bonnet also seems to have gone slight little changes. While on the existing Ritz it falls at least till the mid of the grille on either of its sides, on the spied Ritz it goes over it

5-  The front bumper also is more ‘fluidic’ in nature.

6-  Gaadi.com also reports that they saw some equipment strapped on the car

7-  It is expected that the new Ritz will get the latest DDIS engine and the K12 petrol engine with VVT (Variable Valve Timing) similar to the new Swift.

According to me, the biggest thing that needs alteration in the diesel is the ‘driveability’ inside city traffic. If that means compromising with the famous turbo ‘push’ a little, Maruti should do it. They should promote Swift as a sporty hatchback and the Ritz as a common mans car. And I am sure a common man would prefer more liner power delivery in bumper to bumper traffic.

A bigger question now is when is this getting launched?

Find the differences in the attached pic below which displays the spy pic Gaadi.com has caught and the existing Ritz.

Spy Pic Source: Gaadi.com



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash.com




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