Not a Single Endeavour Produced or Sold Last Month; Signs of Next-Gen!

Endeavour was liked for its truck-like rugged looks more than anything else. However, with the advent of newer competition, its sales withered away and the SUV sold a mere 632 units in FY 2014 (Apr 2013 to Mar 2014). Last Financial Year ie from April 2014 till March 2015, things became worse as Ford managed sales of only 231 units of Endy for the complete 365 days which averages to about 20 units every month. More startling is the fact that even the lesser-known Isuzu sold higher 270 units of their lanky MU-7!

The only saving grace for Ford were the lesser sellers like Captiva (57 Units), Koleos (99 units) and Yeti (126 units). To give you a perspective, highest selling Toyota Fortuner registered total sales of a whooping 17,668 units in 2014-15.


Moving over to the new (financial) year, official SIAM sales data reveals that Ford did not produce a single unit of Endeavour and nor did they sell any in April 2015 ie last month!

Current Endeavour

This is a clear indication that the company may have put a full stop to the current-gen’s production and is making way for the Next-Gen Endeavour which looks a lot more competitive, exciting and upto the times. Apart from its spy pics, Ford has also confirmed that the new-Gen SUV will be sold in India and its launch is expected after the Figo Aspire ie sometime around August-September this year.


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