Pay More Registration Fee For Luxury And Costly Cars

So, We have a news which says no more cheap registration fees for costly cars. A Society is founded under the authority of Rajasthan Transport Minister for the same. Central Government to stop such practices of cheap registration fee has asked states of India to increase it by at least 6%, and to make it a reality an ‘Empowered¬†Committee’ is formed.

Currently there is no ‘Floor rate’ (least amount decided) in all the states and thus people especially from the states like New Delhi and Haryana love to get their vehicles registered in Punjab state because of just 2% fee charge. A senior officer of the Central transport Ministry has told it has been advised to make the Floor Rate to be at least 6% and the states have agreed as well.There are around 12 states who have agreed to this which includes Haryana, Punjab, Gujrat, Bihar, West Bengal, etc. and are even considering advices from Union Ministry of Law. Currently the rate varies from 2% to 10% across the country depending upon the state.

Below is the slab of some states and their tax structures for all types of cars and jeeps:


2% of the Ex-Showroom price of the Vehicle.



2% for vehicles upto 5 lacs INR.

4% for vehicles upto 5-10 lacs INR.

6% for vehicles upto 10-20 lacs INR.

8% for vehicles costing 20 lacs INR and above.



5% for vehicles upto 5 lac INR.

6% for vehicles costing more than 5 lacs INR.



4% for vehicles upto 6 lacs INR.

7% for vehicles ranging from 6-10 lacs INR.

10% for vehicles costing more than 10 lacs INR.

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