Pursuing the Night on a Pulsar N250

Trailing the path in the glooming streets of Ballard Estate & the Grand Hotel, with one question in mind – Should we call it a night? Riders on the new pulsar N250 rambling and splashing through drizzling rain and narrow lanes of Mumbai with one dream, to unleash the beast drifting through the breeze.

Igniting the fire within, dusk till dawn in the street.

For whom obstacles are the path and wind a companion

Rides the bike like a stallion!

The pursuit of felicity and hunger for pace,

Roaring ride with mesmerising sights

Talking with wind and leaving the mark with trailing lights!

Smitten with the look and riding with pride.

Rider gazes at the night with no fright!

Measuring the street with the speed of light.

Epitome of Beauty and the beast,

riding through by-lanes and alleyways,

Leaving marks on the Mumbai Streets.

Shaking off all the thoughts

Embracing the brotherhood in the city that never sleeps!

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