Scoop: Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI Turbo Spotted Testing in India

Recently discontinued Volkswagen Polo 1.6 Petrol was, with lack of many options, one of the most powerful and best handling fun to drive hatches of recent times.

Sadly, it never really sold in numbers which would have impressed VW and the car was recently discontinued.

Now, folks at Overdrive have spotted a Polo 1.2 Turbo TSI testing in India which means that VW is working on the India-specific Polo, powered by the 1.2-Litre Turbocharged TSI engine. Despite of it’s displacement, the 1.2-Litre TSI engine is superior to the 1.6-Litre naturally aspirated Petrol Engine.


The 3-Cylinder Turbocharged 1.2-Litre TSI engine generates more torque and comparable power than the naturally aspirated 1.6-Litre engine. the 1.2 TSI churns out a peak torque of 175 Nm (22 Nm more than 1.6 TSI) and 103.5 PS of power (1.5 PS Less than 1.6 TSI). So, this sure is going to be a center of attraction for the powerful and premium hatch lovers! Especially when VW claims that the 1.2Turbo powered Polo will return a fuel average of 17 kmpl unlike 13 kmpl of the 1.6 TSI which was one of the primary reasons behind the failure of Polo 1.6 TSI.

The Skoda Fabia is also expected to come with the same 1.2-Litre Turbo engine. Skoda is a fully owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Group and many Skoda-badged cars including Fabia share a lot of components with VW cars.

Information about the tentative launch date is not available yet but we expect it to shed its cover pretty soon! Stay tuned for information on this car.


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Arghya Pan

Source: Overdrive

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