New Xylo & Existing Xylo

From the day Xylo was launched, I am yet to come across a person who has actually liked its designing. Actually Xylo was launched more to compete with the magnanimous Toyota’s warhorse Innova but it seems that job is being handled by Scorpio with Xylo managing quite lesser volumes.
Nonetheless, coming to the point, a team-bhpian has caught the new Xylo in a dealers stockyard which he says he got while pre delivery inspection of his Scorpio. And the changes are more than welcome.

New Xylo & Existing Xylo

– A completely changed front grille which has now become broader and more consistent. Also the body color has gone and the new grille is black in the new variant.
– The Mahindra logo which was a part of the grille is now a part of the bonnet
– The bonnet has also been flattened
– Side indicators have been moved from the internal to the external part of complete headlamp assembly. Also, they have become tiny in size
– Instead of very prompt flowing lines at the bonnet, couple of understated lines flow across.
– The bonnet has also been made smoother from the edges which touch the headlamps. In place of slightly edges, the bonnet is curvier

Front styling as visible from the pics looks inspired from XUV and has definitely lended the MUV a much needed freshness and more so in the wake of incoming heavy competition. As reported, this would more be the top-end E9 version of the current Xylo which I feel might not be the complete case. Launch would take in another 1-2 months.


Saad Khan




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