Budget 2012: Prices of All Cars To Increase

MotorBash Budget 2012

As we have already discussed that excise duties have seen an increment for all the cars present in the market. Also, duties on steel have been incremented by 2% to 7%. As a result all the manufacturers have signaled or have already increased prices of their cars:   Price Hike by Various Manufacturers: Toyota: INR 9,500 … Read more

Budget 2012: Excise Duty Increased

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining; the cloud here is the added Excise Duty across all vehicles! Let’s see what is the new categorization by the government and understand by how much has it increased. Our Government doesn’t understand how many horses are pumped by an engine, what it best understands is … Read more

Budget 2012: No Extra Tax on Diesel Vehicles – Rejoice!

One of the most prominent news among many positive and negative impacts of Budget 2012 has to be this: NO EXTRA TAXATION ON DIESEL VEHICLES! With the shifting balance of an auto buyer to Diesel, it has caused a lot of flatter among the think tanks.     For many cars which have both the … Read more