Tata Hexa to get Super Drive Modes and Automatic Transmission!

Tata has been a name which has been synonymous with SUVs. However, with the entry of other international competitors, their desi products like the Safari kept losing ground. Then came the Aria. Despite looking fabulous, the crossover failed to garner sales. The product which they have in mind this time is the Hexa, which they first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year.

The manufacturer showcased its production ready version at Delhi Auto Expo in February and is set to launch it soon. They have started teasing features of the upcoming crossover. This time, the tale is about Super Drive Modes. It allows the engine’s performance and Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to be easily controlled by a rotary knob, on the center console. It can also control the instrument cluster displays and vehicle ambient lighting (oh yes, the Hexa gets that too!)

Tata Hexa Concept 3
The concept version from Geneva

You get four different driving modes to choose from:

  • Auto: This one allows the vehicle to automatically adapt the dynamics to the changes across all surface conditions. It provides a balance in terms of power and safety. In this mode, manoeuvrability is maintained even in extreme situations, with improved utilisation of the friction potential between the tires and road.
  • Comfort: As the name suggests, the engine output is optimised for a comfortable drive. With precise power output, this mode is ideal for relaxed highway cruising.


  • Dynamic: The Dynamic mode is where the Hexa reaches its best performance. To allow the driver to have the maximum fun be it curvy road or while drifting. The ESP kicks in late or just at the right time to keep safety paramount.
  • Rough Road: Preferably for off-road conditions. Braking is tuned to support rough road surfaces causing wheel lock-ups in a controlled manner. It not only optimises ride stability but also enhances the vehicle’s dynamic performance, further delivering more progressive control on slippery surfaces.


Tata has also confirmed that the Hexa will get an automatic variant too. Variants with the automatic gearbox is also the first product in the segment to have racecar mapping to provides an enhanced driving experience similar to performance cars.

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