2015 Thar New Engine, Launch Time & More Details Revealed

Mahindra Thar is one of the few vehicles available in the country on sale for off-road enthusiasts. In fact, the rugged Thar only has Force Gurkha as its competitor in India and Mahindra is working on its old-horse to keep up with the changing times.


A few days back we did talk about a possible engine swap waiting to happen on the Thar. The folks at Overdrive did talk about it but we were very reluctant to accept this, however, one of our source also tells us that Mahindra is planning to do away with the 105bhp, 247Nm 2.5 L CRDe engine on the current Thar and instead, they are going to plonk the tried and tested 2.2 Liter mHawk engine from the Scorpio.

The 2.2 liter unit on the Scorpio is a more refined engine and churns out 120 bhp of power and 280 Nm of torque. But our question, seriously, is W-H-Y? Thar doesn’t need any more power, or even torque for that matter of fact! But, at this point of time, it appears, the new Thar may end up getting the new diesel engine. And there is more dope…


The new Thar may also be offered with a company-fitted hard-top option as well. Mahindra, however, may not bring any changes to the DI engine variant. In fact, they may not even lend it any major cosmetic changes which its sibling will get.

2015 Thar Launch:

It has been on test for sometime and our sources reveal that Mahindra is targeting mid-June 2015 as its official Indian launch time frame, right before the peak of monsoons!

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