AMAZE – the Fastest Selling Honda in India! 1 Lakh Sold & Clicking

Honda Cars India announced yesterday that its Amaze has crossed the 1 lakh sales mark in just 16 months since its launch last year in April. This comprises the ‘fastest ever’ for Honda cars in India ever since the company first entered the country in December 1995.

Right from the first-gen City, Honda became immensely popular for its cars with bullet-proof reliability and also for their high-revving petrol engines. It seemed that it will continue that way till eternity, but the sales of the the City gradually became inversely proportional to the sharp rise in fuel prices. The Accord and Civic were also not doing good and Honda pulled the plug on both the cars recently.

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Honda needed a quick cure and it was simple enough – put a diesel engine under the hood of the company’s bread winning model. But Honda went one step ahead and launched an all-new model in an all-new segment (for Honda) with both petrol and diesel engines.

We can see that the effort has paid off and the tremendous response to the Amaze encouraged Honda to put a diesel engine in the new City too, and it’s doing ‘amazingly’ well too. In fact, we just told you day before how the latter’s high demand caused Honda to shift its production at the new plant where until now only the Amaze was being produced.

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Amaze is offered in a total of 12 variants – five (E, EX, S, SX and VX) each in Amaze petrol and diesel fitted with manual transmissions, and two (S and VX) in Amaze petrol automatic. The base variant of the car starts at around five lakh while the most expensive version can be had for around 7.5 lakh. These are ex-showroom prices in New Delhi but good enough to make the car utterly ‘desirable’.

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