Here is Audi’s 700hp, 305kmph Sport Quattro Concept; To be Unveiled at 2013 Frankfurt Show

In 1983 IAA Audi showcased the legendary Sport Quattro. The Super Car stood tall to reflect Audi’s philosophy of driving safety, sportiness, technical competence and a dynamic approach to life. The Super Car did end up making history and became a legend in racing. With its sheer handling and power it rewrote the pages of racing history.

On its 30th Anniversary Audi has come up with a grand new successor for the Grand Quattro which will be showcased at 2013 IAA Frankfurt Motor Show. The successor follows the Quattro legacy with a stunning coupe design and plug-in hybrid drive with an output of massive 515 kW (700 hp). Here is a quick dekko at the concept:

Audi Sport quattro concept

Exterior Design:

The exterior design features are homage to the earlier versions of Quattro which is to add to its emotional appeal and elegance. These design inspirations include the angular, flat C-pillars, rectangular double headlights featuring Audi’s Matrix LED technology and blisters above the fenders. All these add a touch of retro to this futuristic machine.

The coupe has an intense and powerful road stance like every Audi with unusual low-slung profile to add sportiness. The muscular stance is enhanced by sharp contour frame with muscular surface and convex-concave curvatures running throughout the car. Borrowed from the racing concepts, the front features a characteristic hexagonal single-frame grille with a new, sculpted grille insert. Every inch of the exterior exult athleticism of Audi Sport Quattro concept.


The interiors reflect elegance with sportiness. Fine attention to detail is reflected in both the choice of materials and the workmanship. The interiors show elegantly crafted and sporty racing bucket seats with, sculpted side bolsters and integrated head restraints. A view from above shows that dashboard is reminiscent of the tail of a sail plane.


The Steering Wheel, Instrument Cluster, Head Up Display are all driver centric and comes in his field of view. The multi function sport steering wheel offers navigation between virtual 3D information displayed in the Instrument cluster. The multi function sport steering wheel Quattro Concept will be carried on to future sport production models. The concept car features innovative air conditioning control unit mounted over air vents and Temperature, intensity and air flow can be controlled using one and the same element.


The combustion engine is a four-litre, twin-turbo V8. It produces 412 kW (560 hp) and 700 Nm (516.29 lb-ft) of torque. Located between the 4.0 TFSI and the transmission is a disc-shaped electric motor producing 110 kW(135 hp) and 400 Nm (295.02 lb-ft).

The state of the art cylinder on demand system, start-stop system and intelligent management system make the eight-cylinder unit very efficient to combine and choose between the combustion engine unit and the electric motor unit. When the V8 and the electric motor work together output is 515 kW (700 hp) and system torque is 800 Nm and the machine can do (0-100 km/h) in 3.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 305 km/h. The advanced light weight material construction results in a curb weight of 1,850 kgs. Handling is as dynamic as it is stable.


The drives can choose between three driving modes available based on his driving needs and driving strategy. EV mode is for purely electric driving; Hybrid mode for maximum efficiency and Sport mode for maximum performance. The Audi Sport Quattro concept can cover up to 50 kilometres on electric power alone.

In Hybrid mode based on the route and environmental data an optimum use of combustion unit and electric unit is implemented with the goal to maximize the fuel efficiency. The driver can vary the use of engine units to suit his needs. In sports mode the goal is to extract maximum efficiency and the electric unit supports the combustion unit in all situations.

The Coupe offers a fuel economy of astounding 40kmpl of fuel (2.5 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres) and emission rate stands at a meager 59 grams per Kilometre.

The Quattro has been a phenomenal success with sales of more than five million cars with permanent all-wheel drive, far more than any other premium manufacturer worldwide. With performance, Fuel Efficiency and lower emission rates Audi is rewriting the future of automotive technology.

– By Saravana Priyan

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