Renault Kwid AMT Review: First Drive

Kwid AMT Review: By Syed Shiraz While I start to write this, the Kwid AMT review, I somehow feel it’s going to be our most concise road test review yet. See, sometimes, a first drive review can be comprehensive (like our Kwid review, and also the RediGO review), but not today. Why? Well, simply because … Read more

Datsun RediGO Review: Comprehensive Test Drive [Updated with Price Comparison]

2016 Datsun RediGO Review & Road Test by Syed Shiraz Shall we start this one with bursting a few bubbles? No? Then let me rephrase it so that you don’t even have a choice. We shall start this story by bursting a few bubbles, period. Okay, now that it sounds authoritative enough, let me tell you … Read more


Words: Syed Shiraz Vehicle owner and pictures: Gaurav Malik It’s not uncommon for us automotive writers to get queries on the lines of, “which is the best car under xx lakh rupees?” or “I want to buy a car for my daughter/sister/wife/son/mistress, etc.”, but this one was a first. Of course, I am referring to … Read more

Fiat 500 Abarth 595 Competizione: Road Test Review

Abarth 595 India Review Words: Syed Shiraz Pictures: Himanshu Sharma Taking a tight U-turn becomes even tighter during rush hour anywhere in the world, more so in the heart of the Indian capital. But it helps if you are in a car that has an eye-catching form or design, or both. The usually brash folks … Read more

2016 Renault Duster AMT Review: First Drive

2016 Duster AMT Review: Words & photographs by Syed Shiraz There are seven Renault Dusters in my immediate circle, four of them being the 110 PS variants. And no, none of the owners bought it upon my recommendation. If that was the case, they would all be driving the AWD version… But, to be fair to … Read more