Avventura vs EcoSport: Spec & Price Comparo [Updated]

To improve profits, companies now build platforms which spawn various different type of cars. However, cost cutting has come to levels never seen before with the advent of crossover hatchbacks, which are promoted as ‘almost SUVs’!

Amidst a few options available in this segment in India, we have the new Fiat’s Avventura which has been launched just yesterday in Delhi. And thankfully, against the mockery of other cars like Etios Cross, Avventura does appear to be a slightly more sensible option.


Here we take a look at its comparison with the compact SUV EcoSport.

Avventura vs EcoSport

Petrol Engines

Specification Fiat Avventura (petrol) Ford EcoSport (petrol)
Engine 1.4 L Fire 1.0 L EcoBoost, 1.5L Ti-VCT
Max. Power 90 PS at 6000 rpm 125 PS at 6000rpm, 112 PS at 6300 rpm
Peak Torque 115 Nm at 4500 rpm 170Nm at 1400-4500 rpm, 140 Nm at 4400rpm
Fuel Efficiency 14.4 kmpl 18.88 kmpl
Price (Ex-Delhi) Rs 5.99-7.05 Lakhs Rs 6.46-9.23 Lakhs

Ford-EcoSport (4)

For petrol, Avventura gets the 1.4L Fire petrol engine, also found on the Punto. It produces 90PS of power and 115Nm of torque. In comparison, EcoSport comes equipped with two petrol engines. The 1.5L Ti-VCT 115PS of power and 140Nm of torque whereas the turbocharged 1.0L EcoBoost returns an impressive 125PS and 170Nm.

Fiat also has the turbocharged 1.4L T-jet which is not offered on the Avventura. But in an exclusive we have revealed that the company is considering it for a launch. Compared with the current 1.4L Fiat’s motor, both the Ford engines are more fuel efficient.

In terms of price, Avventura’s entry variant Active starts about Rs 47,000 earlier and Fiat has only two variants on offer. Ford has as many as 5 variants spanned across these Rs 2.75 Lakhs. The Avventura T-Jet will be costlier but it still will be cheaper than the entry point of EcoBoost.

Diesel Engines

Specification Fiat Avventura (diesel) Ford EcoSport (diesel)
Engine 1.3 L multijet 16V DOHC 1.5 L TDCi 8V SOHC
Max. Power 93 PS at 4000 rpm 91 PS at 3750 rpm
Peak Torque 209 Nm at 2000 rpm 204 Nm at 2000-2750 rpm
L×B×H (in mm) 3989×1706×1542 3999×1765×1708
Wheelbase 2510 mm 2520 mm
Turning Radius N/A 5.3 m
Fuel Tank 45 L 52 L
Boot Space N/A 346 L (expandable to 705L)
Wheel Size 16 inch alloys 16 inch alloys
Fuel Efficiency 20.5 kmpl 22.67 kmpl
Price (Ex-Delhi) Rs 6.89-8.17 Lakhs Rs 7.44- 9.74 Lakhs

Fiat-Avventura-Crossover-Pic (6)The story is a little different when we talk about the diesel engines. Despite being a smaller engine, Avventura’s 1.3L Multijet produces 93PS of power output and 209Nm of torque. In comparison, EcoSport’s bigger 1.5L TDCi churns out 91PS of power and 204Nm of torque. Where it scores over the Fiat is the rated fuel efficiency figures by over 2kmpl.

Dimensions and Other Bits

Here is a comparison between the two to give you a better idea:

  • EcoSport is a bigger car in all dimensions than the Avventura.
  • Avventura may seem to be smaller than the EcoSport but the wheelbase difference of just 10 mm may not end up as a huge difference in terms of leg room, in the real world scenario.
  • The fuel tank in Avventura is a good 7 L smaller than the EcoSport which means that the Avventura, with its mileage figures already on the lower side, will have a much shorter range.
  • Avventura’s 16 inch tyres are standard on all the variants, however, Ford only offers in on the top spec Titanium trims. Rest have 15 inchers…

In terms of price, diesel Avventura again starts at over Rs 50,000 earlier and has three variants on offer. EcoSport starts at Rs 7.44 Lakhs and its top Titanium Option carries a price tag of a little lesser than Rs 10 Lakhs. Between this price range it has 4 variants.

Remember, all these are specifications and the on-road behavior of the cars will be the true reflection of their potency.

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