Ever since Bajaj started testing their upcoming RE60, we have been after it reporting and sharing tons of spyshots and details. We revealed the interiors of the quadricycle first on the web and here is a new development.

What you see here is the CNG version of RE60 which is being tested extensively in and around Bajaj’s plant in Pune. Though we do not have a frontal shot, if you closely notice the following pic, at the front windshield, the mule is running with a big white ‘CNG’ sticker. Going along with its green credentials, it is painted in green colour as well.


The category of ‘Quadricycles’ was passed very recently by the government and RE60 will be the first vehicle which will be launched in this segment. There are a few mandates for a vehicle to qualify for a Quadricycle. There should be a big ‘Q’ on the body signifying the category. It should have 4 wheels, hard top with doors and wipers and a seating capacity of 4.

Now, what is important to note is that the definition of quadricycle allows a vehicle to run either on Petrol, CNG or LPG. And hence, this RE60 CNG falls well within the definition.


We expect this RE60 CNG to be powered by the same 200cc DTSi engine which powers the regular petrol-only model. How different will be the power and torque specs is not known at this moment but what this CNG is also expected to offer are fuel efficiency figures even better than the 35kmpl+ Bajaj claims for the petrol only model.

Being a commercial-only vehicle, this makes a lot of sense from the unsafe three-wheeled auto rickshaws. Launch is expected soon and we do see many more manufacturers joining the bandwagon…here is a list of few upcoming ones.

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