SHOCKER: Tata May Abandon Nano Diesel Plans Altogether!

In what comes as a surprising speculation, Autocar India reports that Tata may shelve Nano diesel plans altogether. This is a shocker considering that Tata has been working on the car since at least 2010.

And more importantly, the car is closing on its production stages. The reasons cited by Autocar are:

  • Narrowing gap between diesel and petrol prices
  • Higher cost of the diesel engine
  • Hence, the resultant higher price tag.


While, we are unsure if this is true considering the vigour with which Tata has been caught testing the Nano diesel in and around Pune. We have spotted the Nano diesel multiple times. It was reportedly returning best fuel efficiency figures while on trials. If this report from Autocar goes true, it would be a resultant of extra long development time which Tata took for the car and a possible indication that companies should tighten up their development times in these changing environments.

Autocar further reports that Tata will NOT showcase the Nano diesel at the Auto Expo 2014 as well!

We are in a fix! However, we assume that it may just be another possible delay from the recent reports of its March 2014 launch. And Tata Nano diesel will ultimately enter India some or the other time.

Tata-Nano-Diesel (3)
Nano Diesel mule with regular Nano. Click pic for more details

As for now, Tata will be launching the Nano Twist towards the middle of January which will come with a power steering and a few other betterments.

Keep tuned as we try to dig in more details on Nano Diesel.

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