It was a divided lobby! Some said quadricycles was a move backwards in direction and some favored it to the core. Nonetheless, government of India has approved the new segment of automobiles – QUADRICYCLES!


However, there are a certain clauses that needs to be taken in mind:

  • These vehicles should have 4-wheels, hard-top, doors and wipers
  • Seating capacity for 4 occupants including the driver
  • Noise and mass emissions, controls and indicators and brakes should be better than 3-wheelers
  • Can run on Petrol, CNG or LPG (Diesel missing?)
  • Maximum Speed of 70kmph
  • It should have a big ‘Q’ written on the body of the vehicle or a color code
  • Quadricycle can be registered only as a commercial vehicle ie with yellow plates

A quadricycle will be allowed to ply within city limits and rural roads. However, this goes against Bajaj’s demand of allowing the quadricycle as a personal vehicle as well. Transport secretary, Mr Vijay Chhibber said that the idea of quadricycles is to present a better and safer mode of transport against the relatively unsafe three-wheeled Auto rickshaws. He added that precautions have been taken to ensure this step doesn’t interfere with the already stressed small car market!

This move will directly provide Bajaj a big respite since it is their RE60 which will get benefited the most. With the official nod from the government, the Pune based auto major should be bracing up for a launch as soon as possible. In fact, we see the company has started aggressively testing their RE60 in Pune. Bajaj has invested Rs 550 crore towards creating this platform and has a capacity to produce 5000 quadricycles each month.

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Source: Times of India e-paper





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