BMW has unleashed its latest generation of  coupes in the Premium Compact Segment. Christened as the 2-Series, this new series of models possesses enough oomph as well as spunk along with a distinctive character to set them apart from the earlier BMW 1-Series.


The 2-Series has five variants, beginning with an economical, diesel-powered 218d. Following it is a tiny surprise package called the 220i which manages to punch way above its weight. Then we have a couple of very potent diesel-engined models, the 220d and the 225d. However, all of them pale in comparison with the range-topping, petrol-powered M235i.

Highlights of the BMW 2-Series :

  • Distinctive, striking character provided by two-door design
  • Significantly larger road-presence than the 1 Series, thanks to increased proportions
  • Engines powered by BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology for that much-desired exhilaration
  • Planet-friendly nature reinforced by EfficientDynamics Technology
  • Immaculately crafted interiors that will pamper, and pamper some more!
  • A host of driver-friendly technologies for ensuring “Sheer Driving Pleasure”

Now, let’s dive in!!


The Fuhrer might have been dead for decades, but his legacy continues to live on. Some of the finest vehicular designs have emerged from the swathes of land called Bavaria over which he emboldened a nation. The latest clutch of models, called the 2-Series, is a mighty reinforcement to that fact.


BMW might drone continuously in its Media Release over how the vehicle is a testimony to the history of the so-called-BMW-coupe and is poised to take the tradition forward. It might keep on rambling about the low-slung silhoutte, the long bonnet, the frameless windows, and the dynamically stretched roofline which flows smoothly to the rear end.

We believe that all one needs to do is just take a good look at the car. And that, my dear reader, is enough to catch your eye!!

It is graceful to the eye. The  well-designed proportions and the meticulous accentuations provide it the desired lithe nature as it moves, or rather glides over the tarmac. Yet, it does not fail to hide its agility. Tapering lines all over the body of the car as well as the highlight accent used on the headlamps suggests that the car is ready to surge forward at an instant, and will be surprisingly sporty and dynamic.

The most powerful statement probably comes at the rear, which is actually the widest section of the car. BMW says it has been styled in such a way to lay emphasis on the rear-wheel drive that is employed in the car. Few more detailing elements are the L-Shaped Taillamps with LED Strips,and downward-surging creases on the boot. There is a diffuser element at the rear which provides a low-slung look to the car, and makes it sporty.

Trademark BMW styling elements like the Kidney Grille and the twin-circular lights provide a reminiscence of the identity of BMW; a tradition of producing and providing luxurious, agile and alluring cars for over a decade. Talk about identity and how can the Hofmeister Kink be absent??



Take a look at the trailing or the inner edge of the C-Pillar of the car. The sudden, unexpected reversal of the windowline from its rearward journey can be clearly noticed. That is it, and it’s said to provide an emphasis to the ease of motion. Well, don’t you agree??


Well, it isn’t exactly a cage!


Almost six decades of experience in making luxurious, agile and alluring cars, and you can expect BMW to do an appreciable job. And the 2-Series has emerged as a testimony to the trial of time BMW has gone through!!

Slide in to the car, and you can’t help but appreciate the design of the cockpit which is supposed to help the driver cover as many miles a s possible, without breaking a sweat. Spend some more time inside, and you will notice the fine materials used inside as well as the thought that has gone into raising functionality levels inside the cabin.


The space inside the cabin is generously increased as compared to the earlier coupes, and a regular outcropping of storage spaces does ensure an increase in functionality. Praiseworthy looks of the console are created by a layering effect between the various panels and components. Cloth seat covers come in a choice of three colours, and if you want more you can get the Dakota Leather Trim. Interior highlight trim strips are available in matt Satin Silver as well as Brushed Aluminium. For the pure connoisseur, BMW provides Fineline Stream exquisite wood.


A host of modern gadgetry will let you at ease inside the car. One can choose the BMW iDrive operating system, which features an onboard monitor in either 6.5 inch or 8.8 inch form. This onboard monitor can be used to control various features of the car, via a controller on the central console. The controller has a touch-sensitive surface which can also allow the driver, or anyone else if it matters, to enter characters.


As mentioned earlier, there are five variants with differing powerplant options.

  • 218d – 1,995 cc Diesel engine with peak stats of 143 hp and 320 Nm
  • 220i – 1,997 cc Petrol engine with peak stats of 184 hp and 270 Nm
  • 220d – 1,997 cc Diesel engine with peak stats of 184 hp and 380 Nm
  • 225d – 1,995 cc Diesel engine with peak stats of 218 hp and 450 Nm
  • M235i – 2,979 cc Petrol engine with peak stats of 326 hp and 450 Nm


Needless to say, all the variants are capable of providing much needed exhilarating rides to the driver as well as the occupants. The top-notch M235i is capable of hitting 100 km/h from standstill in a measly 5.1 seconds, and is the quickest of the lot. The entry-level 218d is the slowest ( With all due respect for it!! ), and manages to sprint to the three-figure mark in 8.9 seconds.

And hey, all these figures are quoted for the standard issue, six-speed manual gearbox. Slip the optional, eight-speed automatic gearbox into the equation, and you are sure to shave off a couple of milliseconds from the acceleration times to the ton.

The highlight of the mechanicals is the rear-wheel-drive concept alongside the BMW TwinPower Turbo Techology. Both these features lend the 2-Series a verve of its own, and make it a joy to drive. Pitching in are few more technological marvels like the longitudinally mounted engines and sophisticated design of the chassis, which go forward to provide the 2-series an unmistakable handling tendency.

Here are a few features that you would get on the 2-series :

  • Electric Power Steering and powerful brakes as standard
  • Variable sport steering
  • M Sport braking system
  • Adaptive M suspension with electronically controlled dampers
  • Optional DSC stability control system including Dynamic Traction Control
  • An electronic locking function for the rear axle differential as standard
  • M Performance mechanical limited-slip differential


Above the standard specifications, the 2-series is available in three optional packages.

Sport Line 

  1. 17-inch light alloy wheels
  2. Ambient Lighting using various colours
  3. Special Seat upholstery, interior trim strips and car-key designs
  4. Black gloss finish to engine grille bars, air intakes and rear apron

Modern Line 

  1. 17-inch light alloy wheels
  2. Ambient Lighting using various colours
  3. Special Seat upholstery, interior trim strips and car-key designs
  4. Matt aluminium finish to engine grille bars, air intakes and rear apron
  5. Body-coloured paint finish for the cross rib in the centre air intake

M Sport Line 

  1. 17-inch M alloy wheels with a twin-spoke design
  2. Differently designed features such as air-intakes, side skirts and rear apron
  3. Special design for the engine grille
  4. Exhaust Pipe embellisher in high-gloss chrome
  5. Sports seats for front passenger and driver
  6. Special design for the instrument dials
  7. Aluminium Hexagon interior trim strips with an accent strip in Estoril Blue
  8. 10mm drop in the ride height

The new 2-Series will go on sale next year. In the USA, the 2-Series will have a starting price of USD 33,025 (INR 20.3 lakhs) for the 220i variant, while the M235i is priced at USD 44,025 (INR 27.06 lakhs). Factor in some taxes and duties, and the 2-Series starts looking as an esoteric, hard-to-attain concept!!




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