BREAKING: Autocar Reveals Mahindra’s EcoSport Rivaling Compact SUV; Might Start at 5 Lakh!

After revealing a shocker of a news of Mahindra’s upcoming compact SUV a few days back, Autocar shows more of it, which is codenamed as S101 and will rival EcoSport and other similar sized SUVs. 

In their latest print edition of this month, Autocar has revealed how the compact SUV will look like and what you see in the pictures just gives us surprising goosebumps! This looks like a smaller brother of XUV5OO and there are chances that Mahindra might call it with a similar name – XUV2OO, XUV3OO. This will solve their problem of the car name ending with ‘O’ and will also give the compact SUV a brand to start with.


More revelations about Mahindra’s latest shot:

  • S101 is based on an all-new monocoque chassis
  • The most important bit here is the fact that it will be a sub 4 meter car
  • Mahindra is developing 6 new engines and S101 will get a diesel and a petrol engine from this family
  • It will be a front-wheel Drive only car
  • Another shocking revelation is that apart from a confirmed 6 seating option, Mahindra might have an 8-seater configuration as well. How, in the whole world, will they manage it, only future will reveal that!
  • From the spyshots, it is also revealed that Mahindra is intelligently packing stuff. The spyshot of the front seat shows that there is no center console and the gear lever moves up on to the dashboard. This is done to create space for three upfront.

This is as interesting as it can get. A price tag of around Rs 5 Lakh for the base variant and we are on our way to get pampered! And what’s nicer is the fact that there are more luxurious variants based on the same platform on the cards.

For more details and pictures, you can purchase this month’s Autocar magazine.

All credits to Autocar for bringing up such a fabulous scoop.

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  1. It is 3+3+(1+1) configuration.
    Remember old Amby? which had 3+3 sofas.
    This may be like same and 1+1 additional seats facing each other at backside of the vehicle.
    Hope to get same sofa’s here.


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