Isuzu Launches Andhra Facility; Production Begins 2016


Isuzu Motors of Tokyo, Japan is known around the world for its pickups and pickup-based derivatives. They are also known for their utility vehicles and diesel engines. They started out in India in August 2012 and have been testing waters with limited volume of completely built units (CBUs) for test marketing and developing a better understanding of the Indian customers.

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SML Isuzu XM Series Trucks Launched in India; Range Starts at 13 Lakh

SML Isuzu limited (formerly Swaraj Mazda Ltd) has launched at Delhi on Saturday, new XM Series of trucks. These vehicles are available at all the SML dealership and start at Rs. 13 lacs onwards. These vehicles will go on sale in March or April of this year. The XM series of vehicles were first introduced in November 2013.

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Isuzu Gets Aggressive; Launches Locally Assembled MU-7 SUV in India at Rs 22 Lakh


When you first set eyes on Isuzu MU-7, take it or leave it is what the car seems to be saying. It looks grisly, ponderous and ungainly. And when you are told that it has a 161 odd bhp engine to pull itself and its occupants along, you start wondering if the price tag of around Rs. 22 lakh has been put there by mistake.

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