Lamborghini unveiled their concept SUV URUS at the Beijing Motor Show in April this year. The 600hp SUV is still to get a final nod for production,  but according to Car Magazine, URUS would be the cheapest Lambo yet.


Lamborghini is targeting a starting price tag of  £135,000 which equates to somewhere around 1.1 Crore in Indian Rupees. The company is targeting 3000 units annual sales and the crossover is expected to be launched during late 2016 and would get the 4.0L twin turbo V8 600hp/480 lb ft mill. Urus is 4.99 mtr in length, 1.99m in width and 1.66m in height. Dimensionwise, it is 120mm longer, 16mm wider and 30mm lower than the BMW’s X6

Also check out more details and gallery of URUS.


Source: Car Magazine


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