Surprise! NO Chevrolet Adra Compact SUV till 2017!

The charming little Adra that we saw during the Expo 2014 won’t be shredding any rubber very soon, so says Arvind Saxena, the new President and MD of General Motors India. I needed but this to put the silver garnish on this onerous day.

The Mini Countryman-ish compact SUV if launched in 2017, as it seems to be the case, will miss out the compact SUV bus in country. Needless to remind the discerning reader that this particular segment has been trawling orders so large in quantities that it is proving uncomfortable and embarrassing for the manufacturers like Renault (Duster) and more specifically Ford (EcoSport).

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As to why GM has decided to postpone their poking into this considerable pie isn’t really clear. And if they were not ready with the SUV, why did they showcase it at the expo at Noida? What could be made out from an interview that Mr. Saxena gave to NDTV would suggest that GM is on the back foot, clearly!

GM India hasn’t been having a smooth ride in the country with dated vehicle lineup and trouble with regulatory bodies. What GM has planned to see over the coming 3 years are some facelifts and special editions of existing vehicles until 2017 when they consider launching all-new vehicles like Adra.

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It is incredible to find the giant GM firmly in a soup. While almost all other large motor manufacturers in the country are busy developing and offering Compact SUVs/crossover/soft roaders, GM is willingly sitting at the line and watch a huge business opportunity fly by; and that when it has a rather fetching concept/prototype of such a vehicle ready at hand.

One wishes and hope the very best for the company, but it’s going to take more than a supportive media and Chevrolet fans to pull the company out of the predicament it finds itself in.

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