Chevrolet Enjoy Snapped Again, More Details Trickle in

Chevrolet is busy preparing a slew of launches it has scheduled for this year. They have already launched upgraded Tavera, Cruze and Captiva in the Indian market and they still have many more products lined up.


Among them, the MPV Enjoy is the people carrier which we snapped today, yet again. Against the last scoop of Enjoy, which seemed to be the entry level variant, this looks like the top-end variant. I went up to the driver and posted a few questions as well. Here is what I could notice.

  • This car was a 6 seater and NOT a 7 seater. It followed the formation of 2-2-2 and probably add a child at the back.
  • The seats were leather and felt comforting thick.
  • There was decent amount of space inside. But the most noticeable was the 3rd row passenger space which felt quite good. By ‘good’ I mean better than a few 7 seaters here in India.
  • There was a electrical socket for the 3rd row passengers as well
  • The car here in the pics is the petrol variant.
  • Alloy wheels looked ordinary.
  • Interior quality felt pretty decent
  • It had a rear wiper and chrome plating at the rear
  • The 3rd row window was only minimalistically openable
  • The car was running on thinner tyres. I did not check but they did not feel more than 185mm thick
  • Front brakes were disc and rear were drum brakes
  • The gear knob had silver accents

Chevrolet Enjoy would be launched during end of this year and probably after Diwali. The company currently is targetting December as the launch month. Enjoy would come in both petrol and diesel forms. The diesel would be the 1.3L multiJet diesel which we all are familiar with, whereas the petrol is expected to be a 1.4L motor. This petrol engine might NOT be the one borrowed from Aveo.


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