Stop calling the companies mad or crazy for making the cars somewhere else and selling them elsewhere and let me tell you this, Dacia and all it’s plants are under huge pressure of fulfilling the huge demand of the Duster SUV for it’s rugged overall performance! And then same is applicable for India and UK but because of different technical issues. Due to LHD and RHD versions can’t be produced in currently operational plants, the Duster for UK market will be made in India in 2WD and 4WD variants along with that aforementioned LHD-RHD variations.

Also, the Duster 4X4 won’t come to showrooms soon just because of this same demand issue and to be noted that Duster, in India will be on sale under Renault badge while the UK model will retain the Dacia logo and many changes in the styling specially the front facia of the car will have a quite different look.

The Duster 2WD might be priced at £10,000 and the 4WD at around £12,500 in the United Kingdom.

Must know is in recent times the parent company Renault has seen quite huge hike in sales worldwide while in India they haven’t been able to come up anything which can make their presence felt, a sensitively or say aggresively priced Duster can do wonders than launching re-badged Nissan cars. We hope.

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