Datsun to Unveil New ‘I2’ Concept Car at Auto Expo; Its 3rd Car For India

In an interesting report published by Autocar India, it has been revealed that Datsun will showcase their GO+ MPV at the Auto Expo, for the first time ever in India. Wait a minute..the story doesn’t end here…

Alongside the Go hatchback and the Go+ 7-Seater MPV, Datsun will have another car from its stables at the 2014 Auto expo. Autocar suggests that it will be a new Concept car aimed at younger buyers.


Now, as soon as they say this, we are reminded of the ‘I2‘ small hatchback and in all probability it is the same car that Datsun will world premiere here in Noida. The “I2” hatchback will lock horns with Maruti-Suzuki Alto and the Hyundai Eon. Understandably, it will be smaller as well as cheaper than the Datsun Go. Estimates suggested that the “I2” will hit our market sometime in 2015 or 2016 which we believe will depend upon the response the Go & Go+ MPV will garner initially.

The Go hatchback is Datsun’s first attempt to set foot into the budget hatchback segment, one that is fiercely competitive in India. We expect it to start at Rs 2.99 Lakh or under and span across till 4 lakhs, and will mainly target buyers looking for an economical car which is easy to maintain in the long run. Datsun has already kick-started its campaigning in metros as well as tier-II and tier-III cities.


The other product, the Go+ MPV is targeted at joint families living in todays crowded urban milieu. The Go+ will be priced in the region of 4-5 lakhs, and yet it is expected to be smartly packed for space, safety and comfort. It will look to provide a safe means of transport to larger families who would otherwise have to squish themselves in a small hatchback. Interestingly, the Go+ is actually a stretched-out version of the Go hatchback.

Datsun is betting big on its products as it looks to get off to a good start in the tough Indian market. The Go Hatchback and the Go+ MPV appear to be really competitive products, and a third product from their stable will boost their chances. The line-up also holds importance for parent company Nissan as it aims at improving its market share in India from the current paltry 1.1%.

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