So, it was time the erstwhile king let go his pole position and hand over the baton to the new champions. Duster has, so far, enjoyed super success till now but the new kids on the block have taken it over.

Creta and S-Cross’ launch have caused a big dent on Duster’s sales, which have been reduced to 1005 units last month in July. In the last six months, this is the third time its sales are under 2000 units, and the lowest.

Apart from the newer fresher launches, Renault also has to blame itself because the management just did not do much to save its fall. When the international market has received the facelift long back, we still are clicking the ‘upcoming cars’ categories.

However, they have woken up and as we informed you a while back – the facelift of Duster is being prepared for launch and Renault is pushing hard for its entry by December this year, which according to our sources doesn’t look possible. However, it should not get delayed by more than three months thereafter. Here is the complete report.

2015 Duster

These are also early days for Creta and S-Cross where the huge promotions have caused big hypes and both these compact SUVs/crossovers will settle down to some stable levels in the coming 4-5 months, which is when Renault will strike back to claim the crown.

What happens then is something which we can not comment at the moment, but it will be interesting to see how things proceed. But for one, let us tell you that the compact SUV is going for some handsome discounts at the moment… possibly a good time to get your buy…




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