Duster Strikes Back But EcoSport Still Outsmarts it in April 2013 Brazil Sales

And the fight for supremacy continues in Brazil as both Duster and EcoSport slug it out for the honor of the top selling utility vehicle. 

Duster, after paltry 2282 units in March 2013 has struck back with total monthly sales of 4050 units in April 2013. However, EcoSport is just a step or two ahead of the erstwhile champion. EcoSport managed total sales of 6397 units in April 2013 as compared to 4496 units it managed in March 2013.


So, for the month of April 2013,  a figure of 2347 units separates these two arch rivals and if truth be said, barring a few months in between, EcoSport has never allowed Duster to remain higher ever since its launch.

If we talk about India, like Brazil, Duster is enjoying the status quo now, but EcoSport’s launch is just around the corner and there are all the chances of a similar fist fight between these two traditional nemesis. We, now have adequate information on EcoSport as well regarding its engines, variants and features. The two most important things we are unsure of are its price and its actual launch date.

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Source: Best Selling Cars Blog

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  1. Anyway, Duster is the best SUV with all the useful feature like more space, excellent suspension, powerful and fuel efficient engine so i think it will be hard for Ecosoport to compete with Duster in India as compared to Brazil.


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