February 2013 will be a witness to as many as 5 SUV/Crossover launches in India. The ever increasing craze of Indians towards the hard-roaders is pushing manufacturers to bring in as many of them as possible.

For the month of February we have Japanese, Germans and Indian manufacturers vying up for a pie in respective segments. It all started with the Honda’s next-gen CR-V which was launched on 12th Feb at an interesting starting price of 19.95 Lakh. The good thing about the crossover is that it is a fabulous machine but the bad thing about it is that it doesn’t possess a diesel and that is suicidal in India, at least these days!

2013-Honda-CRV-Pics (76)

February 2013 SUV/Crossover Launches in India

Next in line was scheduled to be the BMW X1 facelift today but it was Audi which spoiled the party by launching the petrol version of their Audi Q3, a direct rival to X1, yesterday at a price of 27.37 Lakh. The 2.0L turbocharged Audi Q3 TFSIq makes a good bargain and adds to the current 2.0L diesel motor which is already on sale and doing pretty well.

It was, indeed, the BMW X1 facelift which was launched just today in diesel-only form at a price tag of 27.9 Lakh for the base (relatively loaded) variant. We will come up with a report on all the details shortly.


After covering today’s launch our correspondents will be rushing for tomorrow’s 2013 Force Trax Gurkha launch which is also scheduled in Delhi. The new 2013 Gurkha will be Force’s bet against Mahindra’s Thar. With a very potent product in hand, right pricing can just do a world of good to the Pune based company.

After all this hoopla dries down, and we are allowed a few days to get back our breaths, get ready for the big daddy of SUVs to arrive. Its on the 19th of Feb when Mercedes will launch the G63, which we assume will be priced over 1.2 Crore.

We also witnessed the first ever spyshots of Jeep’s upcoming Indian SUV’s – Grand Cherokee and Wrangler in Pune a few days back.

Its one really hectic month this but an equally interesting one for all the Indian SUV loving junta! We will publish detailed reports along with plethora of pictures on all these launches. Stay tuned and stay loving 🙂





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