Fiat is looking forward to explore new segments with the 500 platform. CarScoop has sourced some sketches that reveals many things about 3 variants of the 500 family.

Fiat 500XL

First is the 7-Seater version of the 500 is on the anvil and is supposed to hit the production line by the end of 2013. This version of the 500 might be called as the 500XL, which is 150 mm longer than the regular 5-seater 500L. The third row seating of the 500XL could be meant for children as the wheelbase of the 500XL remains same as the 500L and the 150 mm of length goes to the rear overhang.

This 7-seater version of the 500XL will not make it to North America, because the company believes that people over there aren’t interested about such a small 7-seater car. This car has a fair possibility of making it to Indian Market as a rival of the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga. The wheelbase of the 500XL is shorter than the Ertiga and it would be interesting to see how Fiat ups the practicality and desirability factor of this car when it comes to India

Fiat 500L Trekking

The second variant of the 500 family might be called as 500L Trekking. This could be a light cross-over version of the regular 5-seater 500L. This Trekking version may sport different door modellings, larger front grille and protruding lower part of the rear bumper. It is also expected to feature a slightly raised suspension and electronically controlled front differential but not All-Wheel-Drive.

Fiat 500L

The third one is the regular 500L that was already launched and set to reach European dealerships in late September and October. North American market will also get this regular 5-seater version of the 500L in 2013.



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