Ford Celebrates Global Week of Caring; A Way to Pay the Society Back!

Ford Motor Company is celebrating ‘Global week of Caring’ from Sept 7 to Sept 15. During this period 10,000 Ford volunteer corps spread around the world have indulged in more than 200 community projects.

Ford Volunteer corps includes employees, retirees and dealers. Ford Employees from Ford India and Ford Global Business Services represent the Ford Volunteer corps from India.


The eight year old Ford’s initiative to give back to society is seeing 1500 Ford employees from Chennai, Coimbatore, Sanand and Delhi to put into operation around 31 projects addressing issues in education, health, environment, women’s empowerment & humanitarian support. The Volunteer Corps have received sanctions of USD 150,000 worldwide, with USD 40,000 for India.

As a humanitarian support Ford India will donate Rs. 59,04,000, towards the Uttarakhand Chief Minister’s flood Relief Fund. The donation comes from Ford, employees and dealers. Further the employees will carry out activities such as inter-school competitions that will help children showcase their talents, medical awareness camps, Driving Skills for Life (DSFL) sessions to spread the message of safe and eco-friendly driving, an awareness campaign across two cities to spread the message of eye donation, planting of tree saplings towards creating a more sustainable environment and the clean-up and restoration of water bodies nearby the Plant.


The projects that are to be carried out by Ford Volunteer corps at various locations include:

  1. Arts competitions, poster-making competitions, Distribution of school shoes to more than 1,800 students from schools in Chennai  50 computers to 6 schools close to the manufacturing plant in chennai, Ford Global business services will conduct “Game Changers” an inter-school sports championship contest for over 1,000 students from nearby schools.
  2. Medical awareness camps aimed at adolescent girls and women.
  3. Eco Rally- to create awareness on Safe, Economical, and Eco-friendly driving.
  4. Clean-up of a lake and planting of 750 tree saplings in the community and 2 schools close to the plant.
  5. Give away tree saplings to all customers whose cars are delivered during this week. 
  6. Dispel the myths surrounding eye donation during a special awareness session conducted by doctors, and organize an eye donation camp at two cities
  7. Visit orphanages and spend quality time with the children, and give away gifts making their wishes come true

The Global Week of Caring will conclude with participation from children and the communities from the villages close to the manufacturing plants culminating to a grand finale.

– by Saravana Priyan

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